Sunday, April 19, 2009

Friendship Bracelets Forever

So, I've begun making stock of my friendship bracelets in preparation of opening my Etsy Shop. I've now become a person who is always carrying bracelets and string with me everywhere I go. I spend most of my time making them while on the bus to and from work. Its a great way to pass the time! But I have to be careful now of where I bring them out to work on. Last week I was working on one at the Cha Cha, while having drinks with friends, and ended up giving it to my dear friend, Natasha! I'm more than happy to spread the friendship bracelet love, especially to my closest friends, but it doesn't exactly help me with my stock!

1 comment:

Rosanna said...

Ohh Esty shop! Please do let me know when it's up.

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