Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Costume - Part 4

The last thing I had to do today to complete my costume was to make my lion's tail. I chose to use a sample piece of upholstery fabric I found at SCRAP and more fringy scraps (the same as the mane) for the end of the tail.

First I cut the upholstery into a long strip, about 4" wide and gathered my fringy scraps together.

Next I placed my fringy scraps onto the right side of the upholstery fabric with the ends meeting together.

Then I folded over the upholstery and pinned it together at the edge. I made sure that the fringe was on the inside so that when I turned it inside out, they would be visible at the end of the tail.

Sew sew sew along the edge. I left a 1/2" seam allowance. Also sew over the end where the fringe is to secure it.

The last step was to turn it inside out (so that now the right side + fringe are on the outside) and add a little stuffing to give it some extra shape.

Costume complete! Now its time for makeup, and putting everything together!
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