Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sandcastles & Sunshine

So I've just returned from a much needed mini-vacation at the beach. My family owns a tiny cabin in Tierra Del Mar (near Pacific City, OR). It was so nice to escape the real world for a few days. We played card games, cooked, had a fire on the beach, and went to the Pelican Brewery for dinner. Did I mention the weather was perfect?! Perfect that is, for making sandcastles :)

Now I'm home and have a list of new projects I'm excited about getting started on. Hopefully that means that you'll see more from me hear next week ♥


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Unknown said...

Did you retrieve your sanity? Hehe. Matt and I have been dreaming about the beach lately. Might have to make a day of it soon. Glad you got a little mini-vacation. :)

If you have another post by me that looks similar to this, it's not my fault... Stupid error messages.

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