Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Year

A new year is upon us and with that comes time to write some 'resolutions' or goals for 2011. I'll admit I didn't do that well meeting my Goals for 2010. But nobody's perfect, right?

Here are some things I did do in 2010:

- I went hiking.
- I was featured in the February issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly.

- I rocked out at the Sasquatch Music Festival.
The Gorge Amphitheater
- I went to the Oregon Country Fair.
Teresa and I
Gypsy Caravan
- I went to the beach.
Sandcastle (hers)
- I got a new tattoo.

- I was published in the book, Our Portland Story.
(photo by A Tea Leaf)
- I had two Camp Smartypants photoshoots.
Tie-Dye Fun in the Sun
Tie-Dye Scarf - Owl Design
- I went to Vegas.

- I threw a rockin' Halloween Party.
- I taught myself how to make jewelry.

- I moved into a cute duplex in NE Portland.

- I was a vendor at 12 craft fairs.
Alberta Art Hop

All-in-all, I think I had a pretty busy year and I had a lot of fun. I'm in the midst of finalizing my new goals and plans for 2011 to share with you on Monday. What fun things did you do in 2010? What accomplishes did you make?


Unknown said...

You didn't do too bad. :)

girlyhandwriting said...

Woah, your tattoo is amazing!!!

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