Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guest Fashion Guide: Smartypants Style

I'm excited to introduce my first ever guest blogger! Say hello to my dear friend Cari. She is a graphic designer living in Seattle, WA. Be sure to check out her blog, Le Sweet Tooth, where she posts the greatest inspirations in fashion, style, and graphic design. I find myself ooohing and aahhing over her blog all the time. I just love Cari's sense of style and good taste- so much that I asked her to be my first-ever guest blogger!

It all started last December, when I was head-over-heels for this post where she created a Frida Kahlo inspired fashion guide. So I asked her to do the same for Camp Smartypants! I hope you enjoy the first ever Camp Smartypants fashion and style guide.

1. Peace/love wool pillow- 
2. Porcelain campfire- 
3. Blue feather earrings- 
4. Wool needle point sunglasses case-
5. Tie-dye fringe sandal-
6. Iceberg tie-dye jersey tank- 
7. Color wheel watch- 
8. Mandarin tea lotion-

What do you think? My favorite is #5- the tie-dye fringe sandals. Those would be soo fun to wear at all my craft shows this summer.

Style guide created by Cari Cantrell for Camp Smartypants. 


Cari Cantrell* said...

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this!! I had the best time putting it together. :) XOX

Meaghan @ Urban Farm Designs said...

I love those shoes! Super cute. I have that lotion in my purse at all times, it's my favorite! I totally bought it for the packaging, but it's such a great, fresh citrus smell! :)

kara rane said...

super, fab picks Cari.
the shoes would go with everything,,and the icey tie-dye would be a favorite. I enjoyed your Frida style,too.

alisonml said...


With Love, Jamie said...



She did such a good job of pinpointing your style!

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