Tuesday, December 4, 2012

November Instagram

I still can't believe it's December! I've been so busy this past month with work, prepping for the holidays, and lots of other fun projects. I wanted to share a few Instagram photos I took from November.
I did some fall baking with my mom! You can find this recipe here.
 Two of my favorite things- crafts and nails with my friend Zerrin! We are making shrines out of kleenex boxes, pasta and glitter. Can't wait until these are all finished!
Lots of late night drawing. See this finished drawing here.
More crafting for the My Own Ideas blog. These mini snow globes turned out SO cute! Check out my tutorial here.
I traded for a beautiful crochet lampshade from Atmosphere on Etsy!
James and I hosted a pre-Thanksgiving party and had fun showing off our little tiki bar.
And our friends from A Wooden Nest hosted a post-Thanksgiving party complete with Karaoke. Here is James singing his heart out.

In between all that fun I printed and cut SO many cards for Screaming Sky Gallery and other stores around Portland.
How has your winter been so far?


Unknown said...

Those leaf cookies look so good. I wants!

We made little snow globes over at a friend's house this weekend, and we had trouble getting the glue to stick to the lids (we used a hot glue gun). Any tips?

Unknown said...

Hm. I used hot glue too and it worked fine. I will have to consult my 'adhesive expert' :)

Felicia said...

Looks like fun! Those little snow globes are darling! Love the shade in your place, it looks great!

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