Thursday, January 31, 2013

SissyFit Challenge

At the beginning of this month my sister, Teresa and I started our own fitness challenge called SissyFit. We set a one month goal to run a combined 75 miles (I ran 30 miles, she ran 45) and chose a special reward for meeting our goal. Since she lives on the east coast, we tracked our progress together using the Nike+ App and Instagram.

Yesterday I completed my goal of 30 miles for the month of January! I ran 6 miles per week and also attended a Zumba class once a week. The running was hard, Zumba was fun, and I'm excited to wear my new tie-dye sports bra from Free People (rewards are great!) They also have a new line of pretty yoga clothing called FP Movement (I ordered these shorts to wear swing dancing.)

My new goal for February is to attend two Zumba classes every week with my friend Whitney (yay for fun exercise!) and jog 20 miles (5 miles per week). Teresa's goal is to run another 45 miles!

My February reward will be a new pair of running shoes and an arm band for my iphone. Can't wait!
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