Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Crafty Thursday: DIY Shamrock Rainbow Brooch

Time for my second DIY project! If you missed the first, check out how to make a Bread & Butterfly here. This week's craft project is a Shamrock Rainbow Brooch. St. Patrick's Day is next week! Don't get pinched ;)

Click Here for the full tutorial. If you have any questions, or decide to make one too, email me! I'd love to see what yours turns out like!


Lindsay said...

Awesome! Oh, and I really like your necklace with the frog. Where'd you get that (like, which etsy shop)? :)

Unknown said...

Here is where I go the necklace:

alisonml said...

coolio! I really like the embroidery thread detail. The close up shows just how cute it is.

You've been busy!

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