Monday, June 18, 2012

Finished Craft Project: My Scrappy Chandelier

I'm so happy to have finished this project! I was originally inspired to make this fun chandelier using a tutorial from Red Velvet's Summer Camp class I took two years ago. I have collected and kept all the supplies needed to create it since then, but only got around to actually starting on it about a month ago. Made from all recycled and thrifted materials, this Scrappy Chandelier now hangs in my living room. I hope to install an actual lamp into it soon.

Supplies I Used:
• Lamp shade frame (found in my Grandma's attic)
• Scrap fabrics (I used mostly shiny, silky and 'fancy' fabric scraps I bought at SCRAP in Portland)
• Large wooden beads (collected from Goodwill and the Knittn' Kitten)

I first wrapped the metal lamp frame in strips of fabric, then got to work tying miscellaneous scraps around it to create a shade. I strung the large wooden beads onto t-shirt strips and tied them onto the bottom of the frame to create the chandelier affect. Lastly, I made my own braided rope (using scrap fabric) so that the lamp could hang from the ceiling.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and that I was actually able to finish it (even though it took me two years!) Now, on to the next project on my endless list of crafty fun...

1 comment:

Anzouya said...

Hey,that's really perfect! I just love how coloful it is and made with so simple materials!

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