Monday, January 4, 2010


The first thing on my list of goals for 2010 is to create a new routine for myself. Not having a normal 9-5 job to force one on me, its hard to create my own. I've been thinking about what the best routine would be for me with my new self-employment. This has sorta been my 'routine' lately:

9-10am: Wake up
10-11am: Stare at computer/check email/etsy/facebook
11-4pm: Work (with lunch added in somewhere between 1-3pm)
4pm: Go to gym/go to work
6pm: Shower/Dinner
7pm-11pm: Maybe work more/watch movie/craft/stare at computer

What I don't like about that routine:
-I've only been putting in about 5-6 hours of work every day or I'm working well into the evening after dinner.
-I have a tendency to stay in my pajamas all day
-I also have a tendency of snacking all day
-The gym at 4-5pm is always packed

I want to commit to a set routine because, having a 9-5 job last year helped me to understand that having scheduled work/food/exercise times every day really helped me stay motivated, get things done and feel good. Kristin from the Craft Leftovers blog really helped me to see what my routine needs to be. And as much as I hate getting up early, I gotta do it!

Here is what I think my new routine will be (starting tomorrow):

8AM: Wake up
8:30AM: Go to gym
10AM: Shower/Breakfast
10:30AM: Work
1PM: Lunch (only take about 20 minutes)
5PM: Tidy up/Wrap up projects
6PM: Dinner
9:30PM: OFF
11:30PM: Bedtime

From 6-9:30PM will stay open for doing whatever I want whether its be social/work/whatever. By 9:30PM I want to make myself stop everything that I'm doing. I make a lot of my product at night, while sitting in front of the TV. I can sit there all night until I go to bed! Another thing on my list of goals is to read more. I want to use the time from 9:30-11:30 to read or work on a personal art/craft project.

I recently started working part time at the Rose Garden. My shifts start at 4pm, so this will screw with the above routine. So here is my alternative routine for those days:

8AM: Wake up
8:30AM: Go to gym
10AM: Shower/Breakfast
10:30AM: Work
1PM: Lunch
3PM: Tidy up/Wrap up projects
3:30PM: Eat snack/Get ready to go
3:45PM: Leave for work

Yikes. We'll see how this new routine works out. I've found that it takes me about 6 weeks for something to become habit. I'm going to give myself that much time to get into this. After week six I will evaluate and make any necessary adjustments. Wish me luck!


alisonml said...

good luck chica- you are one of the most self motivated people I know, and always an inspiration- so I know you can do it!

Funny thing is my (slacking) schedule has changed based on one really stupid thing. I used to lay in bed for a while in the morning before I got up to bike. Now there is nothing good on tv (cause we cancelled our extended cable) so I get up earlier.


Anyways, good luck!

Lindsay said...

Yowza! The routine seems a little brutal on the days you work at the Rose Garden, but you'll be getting a ton of work done. Are you going to be working out every day? Good luck!

Unknown said...

I'd like to aim for working out 5 days a week (M-F), but we'll see how it goes...

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