Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Recap

Happy Leap Day! I thought I'd share a little recap of my favorite things and happenings from February. I took both Simba and Dinah to a long overdue vet appointment. They haven't been in years! They're both doing good and have some fancy new food to eat now.
I made some yummy Sweetheart Cupcakes for Valentine's Day.
I went thrifting with my Mom.
My wonderful friend, Zerrin painted my nails glitter-tastic pink!
I shared a DIY on how to make Love Beads.

Other fun things I did this month:
• I shared my Polly Pocket Collection!
• I painted 2 portraits of inspiring women (1 + 2).
• I took a trip up to Seattle to relax and catch up with friends.

1 comment:

With Love, Jamie said...

Look at those pretty scarves!!! :)
And I love your beads you made!

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