About Me

Hi! I’m Rachel. I am a 28-year-old graphic designer, artist, illustrator and creative maker. I currently live in beautiful Portland, Oregon with my two cats. I LOVE bright colors and have a crazy obsession with vintage, crafts, illustration and tie-dye.

During my free time you can usually find me…
• Shopping at local thrift stores.
• Sipping a Moscow Mule at my favorite local restaurant.
Swing dancing with my partner, James.
• Hosting a Craft Club with friends.
• Doodling in my art journal.
• Cooking something delicious.

I am a freelance designer and creator of Camp Smartypants.

Camp Smartypants:
A handmade line of women’s clothing, accessories and paper goods inspired by my childhood memories of summer camp adventures. Each item is handmade by me in Portland, Oregon. I am inspired by bright colors, the awesome beauty of nature and my childhood memories of summer camp adventures! Visit my Etsy shop or email me at campsmartypants@yahoo.com

Camp Smartypants Blog:
Where I record my latest adventures, inspirations, art and creations. I am a huge collector of things and images that inspire me and I love sharing them with others!

Visit my graphic design & illustration portfolio here.
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