Monday, February 23, 2009

Buon Appetito!

This weekend I went down to Portland to relax and visit my family. On Saturday night, my mom (and Lindsay and Rich) and I made an amazing pasta dish inspired by this recipe. Mom bought three live crab from ABC Seafood. We cooked them and made them into an amazing creamy pasta sauce. Lindsay and I used my mom's pasta maker (the one that attaches to her Kitchen Aid) to make fresh tagliatelle pasta. We tossed the pasta with fresh spinach and topped it with the crab cream sauce, parmesan cheese, and a dash of black pepper. With a glass of chianti, I was in heaven!

I wish I had my camera out when my mom put the crab in the pot of boiling water!

1 comment:

Saulster said...

I'm salivating. Again. That was a great meal! :)

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