Monday, June 8, 2009

Thank YOU!

I just finished this illustration I plan to use for a Camp Smartypants thank you card.
(click image to view larger)


alisonml said...

so cute - so very psychedelic rock poster of you!

my only constructive criticism is that I think the color of the "thank you" portion should be a little brighter to stand out more.

*gasp* did I just say "brighter"? What's wrong with me? Who am I?

That said i _really_ love it. I feel like I could stare at the background portion forever.

Unknown said...

The colors are much brighter when printed out. For some reason saving it for web muted everything ;-P

I'm glad you like it <3

Anonymous said...

oh man! this is really adorable. I love the mushrooms! I bet you are having such a great time doing all this! Can't wait to see you on Wednesday!

Lindsay said...

Awesome! Have you considered making (unlined) journals for your shop? I'm just remembering the journals you made for people for Christmas one year - they were really neat! I know you've probably have a lot on your plate, but it's another thing you've made in the past that I've really liked. :)

kadler said...

Ok, I love your work! Where can I see more of it??

Unknown said...

This is actually the first (of many to come!) illustrations I've done in this style. You can check out my design portfolio at and my Camp Smartypants shop at


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