Thursday, August 6, 2009

New pouches just added to my shop!

You may remember the sneak peek I gave you of my new pouches I've been working on. Today I finally added them to my Etsy shop! Check it out!

Also, stay tuned as I will be continuing to work on making more pouches of different colors & designs.


alisonml said...

you cannot do this.

I was all picking out my favourite design, and I was having a hard time, albiet there's a lot of yellow on all of them.

Then you have to go and say that there will be more. More! More choice in the future. What if I like the next batch better? What?
I am unemployed!

You better give some sort of description about what the next batch is going to look like, because it they are all orange and yellow, and I miss this batch, I am going to be very angry.

Did I mention I love them and I am already trying to figure out what to put in them?

alisonml said...

Nevermind, I'm too nervous. I want the one with the planty thing.

I'd rather pick it up in person though...
(which could be a creepy stalker thing to say, really.)

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