Friday, January 8, 2010

Finished Craft!

I finally finished this crewel embroidery kit (from 1974). I'm so happy with this sweet little owl. Now I just need to find a permanent spot to hang him. I bought the kit at Knittin' Kitten for $0.50 I think.


alisonml said...

teeheehee owlie.

I finally decided to give in and collect some Owls myself- I got 3 from my grandmothers house, several from the in-laws.

They're quite a hoot!

(I'm gonna put pictures up when I get the whole set shipped up.)

ATeaLeaf said...

The frame is a nice touch!

Natalie said...

Really cute owl Rachel!

Jacqui said...

Too much fun, I need to do some old school crafts again! And lOVE the new look of your blog!

Felicia said...

How cute!I love owls. I definitely need to create a vintage embroidery kit, I really should order one soon. I also have been meaning to make a paint by number with a vintage set :)

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