Thursday, February 3, 2011

Paper Heart Note-Fold Tutorial ♥

Do you remember passing notes in class when you were young? I remember in high school my friends and I were constantly writing notes back and forth to each other. My favorite part was being passed a note that was folded into something cool. I saved shoeboxes full of passed-notes until I went to college, when I finally threw them out.

Nowadays, people send more text messages than hand-written messages. But I think notes are still fun to exchange with friends! When I was trying to remember the different ways I folded notes in high school, I had the idea of creating a little tutorial to share. And since Valentine's Day is coming up, the heart-shaped note-fold is perfect!

Step One: Write a Valentine's Day message on regular notebook paper.
Step Two: Fold the right corner of the paper down to make a triangle shape (photo 1). Unfold and do the same with the left corner (photo 2).
Step Three: Next, your going to fold a water bomb base on the upper section of the paper (photo3).
Step Four: Fold the right point up the the top and do the same with the left point, creating a diamond (photo 4).
Step Five: Take the right edge of the paper and fold it horizontally to the center, lining it up with the diamond (photo 5). Repeat with the left edge (photo 6).
Step Six: Next fold the bottom up to meet the lower point of the diamond (photo 7). 
Flip over.
Step Seven: Fold the top point of the diamond down, folding the diamond in half 
(photo 8).
Step Eight: Take the bottom left corner and fold it to the middle, lining it up with the lower point of the diamond (photo 9). Repeat with the right side (photo 10). 
Step Nine: Tuck the corners from the last step into the pocket you made in step 7 (photo 11).
Step Ten: Next fold the right point of the diamond diagonally down (photo 12). Do the same with the left point (photo 13).
Step Eleven: Then tuck the points into the flap made in step 7 (photo 14).
Turn it over and you have your heart shape! Don't forget to write a "to:" and "from:" and then pass it to your sweetheart on Valentine's Day ♥


With Love, Jamie said...

I love this, thanks :) i will be making some for sure!

alisonml said...

I heart this. I was playing with an idea of making a whole garland on them for P's birthday this year, with tons of lovey dovey messages.

Unknown said...

Ooh! I love that idea Ali!

Envy Events said...

Great blog, I am writing a blog about how to use these paper hearts in weddings, I put a link to your blog. Please let me know if this is not ok. Thanks :-)

Unknown said...

thanks this was a very good idea how to ask a girl to homecoming with a secrete note

Emma Hackett said...

Alright I did the steps all in order and everything but it didn't come out the way yours did. Like it made a heart but it wasn't like yours when i flipped it over..?

Emma Hackett said...

Please help me! I followed your steps in order correctly and everything! I know that I did because it still came out a heart. The only thing didn't look like yours did when I flipped it over.. ?

Unknown said...

Hi Emma,

Sorry to hear you are having trouble getting your heart to look right! Maybe try watching a video on youtube? Sometimes watching someone in action can help :)

Try this one:

Let me know if there's anything else I can do!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the tutorial. It is lovely.

Ann Martin said...

Such a good idea, thanks!

Andee said...

My daughter is going to love this! Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

It would really, really help if you told us when to flip the paper over. Excellent turtorial but I did have to use the link provided to figure it out. Turns out the only thing missing from your turtorial is the flip!

Anonymous said...

THANKS!!! helped alot for a note for a special someone!!!;)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"It would really, really help if you told us when to flip the paper over."

It actually does say.

"Step Six: Next fold the bottom up to meet the lower point of the diamond (photo 7).
Flip over."

Anonymous said...

I love this is so easy a fast ^.^ I just made one for a my boyfriend

Greg and Diana said...

YES!!! My daughter loves writing notes and I was trying to remember all those note folding techniques to show her and keep her excited about handwriting notes rather than texting and email! Thank you!! Oh the memories!!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute idea! Doing this for love notes from now on <3

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