Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pretty Discoveries


Mandi Stephanie said...

wowweee pretty post! that field is amazazing :)

Clarity said...

Trippy! lol

Anonymous said...

whoa! THAT Rock at the beginning of the post is incredible!! YAY for rainbows!

Unknown said...

AH! The first image! I swear its part of a larger image I have been searching for for years. I clicked the source link and it doesn't take me anywhere, if you have anymore info on it it would be much much appreciated. The large image was the same, but had images of the little prince on it! It was amazing!

ps. I just randomly found your blog and I love it :)


Unknown said...


I'm not sure what the original source was. Here is the link to what may be the original posting of it:

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

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