Monday, April 25, 2011

May Ad Trade?

Well, May is almost here and I just wanted say thanks to those who did the free ad trade with me for April. I'd love to do it again for the month of May with whoever is interested! 

If you are a fellow free spirit and share the same love for handmade, fashion, vintage, art, crafts, etc- then lets support each other! If you're interested, leave me a comment or email me at:

Ad sizes should be 160px wide. Email me your button + link. You can find my buttons on my Badges page. Just copy and past the link provided.

Need help creating an ad? No problem! I happen to be a graphic designer too and would love to help! This month I designed new headers and buttons for a few blog friends and it was so fun! Email me for more details if you're interested!


oona said...

I'll trade you
I don't have a lot of followers. Or any sponsors. And really, my blog is about... well who knows what.
So you might (definitely yes) end up as the loosing part... okay I understand if you don't feel like getting on board with this ha ha

camille yanair said...

i would love to participate in this! my blog is and my email addy is let me know if you're interested in a swap :)

Anonymous said...

hi rachel!
I would love to do the ad trade again if you would be happy with that? Your button is always going to be on my blog, but i really did love having my button on your blog as I am such a big fan! I would be so grateful to be there again!

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