Thursday, June 23, 2011

Craft Night!

I swear I've been insanely busy this past month. Working from home, I've discovered I'm not very good at is giving myself actual time off. It has felt like forever since I've done some "just for fun" crafts (not Camp Smartypants product related). So last night I decided to go to my friend Denise's house for her crochet/knit craft night. I dug out some old yarn I bought years ago and made this pretty granny square! I love it! I probably haven't made a granny square since high school, but this burst of color just might have me hooked on making some more!

(These photos were taken from my new iPhone using Hipstamatic!)

1 comment:

Sweet Pea said...

Aww! Sad I missed out! Looks like fun.

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