Friday, October 7, 2011

DIY Candy-Filled Pumpkin Tutorial!

Happy Friday everyone! I recently created this fun tutorial for the My Own Ideas blog and thought it was so cute, I'd share it on my own blog as well! Enjoy!

I originally got the idea from Martha Stewart’s Cherry Bomb Wedding Favor How-To. But instead of a cherry, I decided to make pumpkins for Halloween favors. Martha’s how-to says these are “a cinch to make” but it took a little practice for me to get the hang of it. After making 4 duds, I came up with these beauties!
Tools & Supplies:
• Orange tissue paper
• Scissors
• Candy (I used Reese’s Pieces)
• Covered floral wire
• Floral Tape
1. Stack two layers of tissue paper. Using a small plate (6-8 inches in diameter is a good size), trace a circle. Cut out, cutting through both layers.

2. Place about 30 pieces of candy (fewer depending on the size of candy you use) in the center of the circle.
3. Gather the edges of the tissue up over the candy and twist together at the middle to create the stem of your pumpkin. You’ll want your ’stem’ to be about 3/4″-1″ long. Set aside.

4. Cut a piece of covered wire about 6″ long and bend one end at a 90 degree angle that is the same length as your tissue stem.

5. Wrap the long end of the wire around a pen or pencil to create the pumpkin’s twisty vine.

6. Place the straight end of your wire at the base of your tissue stem with the twist pointing downwards (toward the ‘pumpkin’). Using floral tape, wrap tightly around the wire and all the way up the tissue stem. If you want you can add a small piece of tape at the very top of the stem (to cover the top). Keep wrapping the tape around the stem until it is completely covered (remember floral tape isn’t like normal tape. It only sticks to itself, so wrap tightly and be sure to overlap it to ensure it holds together well).
(I added a small diamond gift tag from to make it more personalized, but that is totally optional!)

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Samantha K said...

I've been trying to come up with a creative way to give away cookies this year (only people we know stop by our apartment). I'm going to try this out. Hope it works because it is so cute.

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