Monday, January 30, 2012

January Recap

January is almost over! That mean's we're one month closer to spring. The cold, grey weather here in Portland has taken its toll and I can't wait for warmer weather and sunshine. Here a few photos I took (with my iphone) this month. 

My roommate and I hosted a breakfast + cartoon party with friends. We all wore our pajamas and watched all our favorite cartoons from when we were little.
My friend, Cynthia showed me her amazing vintage poodle collection.

 My friend Zerrin hosted nail art parties.. Check out her amazing skills!
 We also had fun making shell art! Best dollar store craft EVER!
 This is one of my favorite quilts made by my Gramma.

Other fun things I did this month:
• Painted 4 portraits of amazing women (1+2, 3, 4).
• Shared my Lisa Frank collection.
• Added new Valentine Cards to my shop.


cjbc said...

FUN STUFF! But shell art is OVER!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm SO envious of your cartoon party.... and of course, those nails!!


Anonymous said...

Love those eyeball designs! :) and THAT quilt is incredible, what a treasure.

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