Monday, February 20, 2012

Mend It Better

Two years ago I contributed to Craft Leftovers, a monthly zine created by Kristin Roach. I shared a tutorial on how to make friendship bracelets as well as did an interview. It was a great experience and a lot of fun to do. A few months later (that same year), Kristin contacted me again asking if I would be interested in contributing to a book she was writing. Of course, I said yes! And went to work to create a bleach-dyed skirt made from an old pair of jeans. I sent the skirt along with my tutorial off to Kristin and eagerly waited two years for the book to be finished. 

About a week ago, I got a package in the mail with Kristen's book, Mend It Better! After quickly flipping to page 204 to see my tutorial in print I turned back to the cover and started at the beginning. 
Mend It Better has everything you need to know about mending. She even included a bit of history about the evolution of sewing. I especially love her 'Mending Toolkit' on page 24. I have a list of things that need mending in my closet. Mostly buttons that need to be sewn back on, but also a few zippers and a wholey sweater. All clothes that I still love (and sometimes still wear) despite their worn flaws. I'm excited to use Mend It Better as my guide for fixing up my most loved clothes. 


Anonymous said...

Rachel how cool!! Love that DIY! Now I have to go out and buy the book! :)

kara rane said...

Congratulations Rachel*!
I am a big fan of altering clothes and look forward to seeing this book... so fun.

Unknown said...

Cool! :)

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