Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Art Journaling in Hawaii

Aloha! I just got home from a wonderful week in Oahu. James and I had SO much fun. Before I share some photos I thought I'd first show you the little art journal I worked in while we were there. There's nothing like lying on the beach in Waikiki with watercolors and a new journal!

I chose to use this little book James bought for me during his last trip home to San Diego...
It was definitely interesting working with handmade paper, especially with watercolors. But it ended up being a lot of fun. I enjoyed working on brown paper (rather than white).
The Royal Hawaiian is one of the oldest hotels in Waikiki and definitely my favorite. We didn't stay there (as it's SUPER fancy), but I camped out on the beach in front of it and we could see it from our hotel window. My favorite thing about the Royal Hawaiian is that everything about it is PINK! Everything from their cocktail napkins to chopstick wrappers.
On June 5 we were able to see the Transit of Venus! A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view venus as its passing between the sun and the earth. We had to look through a special card allowing us to look directly at the sun. This phenomena won't happen again for 105 years!
Actual photos from our trip are soon to come!


jessie b said...

oh Rachel, this is awesome. love the colors and whimsy.

surfy birdy said...

beautiful trip journal! love the colors. great way to capture the inspiration.
peace & love!

pedalpower said...

I love this...fantastic pages! I keep a travel journal for Hawaii too. If you'd like to peek it's here:

I loove the page with the stylized leaves! Looks like a Croton plant?

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