Thursday, October 18, 2012

Finding My Happy Place

Today is feeling like one of those terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad-days. One of those days I would rather spend in bed with a stack of movies. So far my efforts to feel better have been thwarted by a lost hat and an empty pot of coffee. Do little things like that get to you too? I convinced myself this morning that my wearing my knit hat was going to magically make everything ok. After 15 minutes of searching my apartment for it, I had to leave for work without it. Boo!

So in another attempt to lighten my mood, I'm pretending that this is where I am today (not stuck in front of a computer with an empty coffee cup and no hat).


alisonml said...

*Presents Magical Invisible Happy Hat*
I LOVE THAT IMAGE! Makes me want to put the hammock up in the living room in front of the fire (;

surfy birdy said...

i will cheers you with my empty mug of chai! and join you under a nice friendly palm tree instead of this work computer screen. momma said there will be days like these. must keep dreaming!
peace & love!

Unknown said...

Uh ohz! If you did indeed lose your knit hat, you'd better let the magical fairy of knitted hats know, and she'll conjure up another.

P.S. This is why I have so many knitted hats. That way, when I lose one, I can lift up a pillow or a cushion and find another. Whew!

P.P.S. Feel better!

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