Thursday, November 21, 2013

My First Skillshare Class

Hi! I wanted to share my latest project. After Lilla Rogers' e-course ended I got to work on my first Skillshare class, The First Steps of Hand-Lettering by Mary Kate McDevitt. Our project was to choose a phrase to draw/letter. I chose, "Live By The Sun, Love By The Moon". I really enjoyed the process of the project and the class. I'm always dying to learn more about other artist's processes and how they develop and create their work. I loved watching Mary Kate draw and feel like I learned a whole lot from her class. Check out my entire project on Skillshare. Here are some snapshots of my project...

This is where I'm at with my phrase. I also signed up for Mary Kate's second class, The Final Steps of Hand Lettering, and hope to develop it further!


Unknown said...

This is a lovely print, Rachel. My dad just walked into the living room whilst I was reading your post, and admired it too- he was a hippy back in the day don't you know ;)

Unknown said...

nice! :)

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