Monday, March 3, 2014

Going Cuckoo!

You may be quite familiar with me posting about Lilla Rogers' ecourses by now. Last year I took both her classes, Make Art That Sells (A & B). When she announced that she was going to offer another course, Make Art That Sells: Assignment Bootcamp, I quickly signed up. The format is similar to her other classes, but the difference being we get one assignment per month (instead of one per week) and none of the other instruction she provided in her other classes. Assignment Bootcamp is basically an opportunity to continue to make new art for my portfolio, practice working within a professional creative brief, and connecting with other artists around the world.

Our first assignment was to draw cuckoo clocks and then take that art to create a iPhone case design. Here are my initial sketches...
My Final Design:

I haven't had a chance to upload this to my Society6 shop yet, but I hope to soon! I'll let you know when this design will be available for purchase :)

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Unknown said...

Yes! I looooove cuckoo clocks.

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