Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crafty Tuesday

So last week I made this little bird cage lantern for my dear friend Alison's birthday. It was a fun, easy craft to do. I of course added my own details to the bird and such. I found the tutorial on Creature Comforts Blog.

The weather has really been getting to me lately. It's been so wet and grey in Portland, I have had to fight off the urge to join my cats in their day-long activity of sleeping on my bed. They look so content and comfy.. how can I resist? I can't wait for summer to get here and its only February!


Lindsay said...

Every time the sun comes out I open the blinds on the sliding glass door and do homework at the kitchen table. I can't wait for warmer days and flower blossoms and sun.

Cute birdie. :)

Evie said...

this is so sweet as are your two kitties

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