Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dollhouses ♥

My sister, Teresa, sent me this cute video by Kate Nash. The dollhouse theme has inspired me to share some images I've been collecting. Dollhouses were definitely a part of my childhood. My sister had a barbie-fold-and-fun-house and I remember visiting my grandma and playing with her antique dollhouse. She would also make me mini quilts for my dolls. I still love dollhouses and the miniature things you can find/make to go inside them.










Plantress said...

what a great post. I love this! Love the pics of doll houses and the video. da do do to youuuu

Sweet Pea said...

Yay dollhouses!

gwengoods said...

My grandparents still have the tin dollhouse in their basement

Anonymous said...

oh! I have always wanted a dollhouse! I am still trying to convince my dad to build one for me. :)

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