Monday, May 10, 2010

Mood Monday: The Color Orange

Welcome to my newest weekly posting called Mood Monday, featuring images inspired by a specific color that fits my current mood. I'll share with you a little color psychology as well as some inspiring images and thoughts that remind me of the week's color. Lets start off this week with the color ORANGE:

The color Orange is the energy and vitality of Red and the happy, friendly qualities of Yellow combined. Orange is a bold, energizing color suggesting fun and spontaneity. Bright orange is a surefire attention getter. For this reason it's used effectively by construction workers as a warning. People who wear orange are thought to be creative, enthusiastic, and fun to be with. (reference)

The color Orange reminds of... The sun:

Summer Camp:

Orange markers!

My dearest friend, Emily:


My cat, Simba:

Orange Soda:

That's all for now! Hope you enjoyed your Monday, brought to you by the color ORANGE! ♥


Sadie Rose said...

love it!

alisonml said...


Lindsay said...

Lol, Alison.

Plantress said...

orange you glad we love your blog?

Unknown said...

I LOVE orange this season!!

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