Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Photos from Sasquatch!

Wow, what an amazing weekend! I had a blast at the festival, but am so happy to be home with a hot shower and a bed to sleep in. Here are some photos from the weekend fun...

I set up some of my tie-dye at our campsite in hopes of selling a few things.

Our camp neighbors.. (I really wanted to sit on their bus deck!)

Minus the Bear on the mainstage.

Me and Friends!

Gorge sunset!

Me in my hippie clothes ♥ Oh, and delicious tacos!

Massive Attack on the mainstage.

We got backstage for Quasi

I'm still amazed by the awesome view from the mainstage. All in all, it was an incredible weekend.


Morganism said...

Holy moly, when I saw Massive Attack in Chicago, I had an out of body experience. <3 them so hard.

Plantress said...

looks like you had a good time. Did you sell any tye dye? The roof deck of the next door neighbor looks awesome.

Lindsay said...

Wow, how was Massive Attack? I'd love to see them live.

I hope you guys were "elevated" enough to see everything. :)

alisonml said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing the pics.
We're going to see Tom Petty in a couple of weeks, I mainly want to go for the view.

Celina said...

Looks like so much fun! (:

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