Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Fairies

I wish I had a chance to post about this sooner, but thought it being Christmas day and all, it still wasn't too late to share these little Christmas Fairy ornaments I made for gifts this year. They were originally inspired by this post I found via Pinterest. Their bodies are made from hand-painted old-fashioned clothespins, their dresses are yarn pom poms and I added wings made of felt and glitter. They turned out so darling and made a sweet addition to Christmas trees everywhere.

I didn't do hardly any Christmas shopping this year and opted to make things for friends and family instead. In addition to the fairy ornaments I made some tiki-themed homemade goodies for people to enjoy. I even ordered some pretty labels from my work to package them up in.

Hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing Christmas! Peace, Rachel

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