Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tie-Dye Easter Eggs

I had some easter fun tie-dying some eggs this afternoon. I used a store bought kit my mom found for me. I've only ever really done the standard solid color dying before, so this kit was fun to play with. I had wanted to make these tie-dyed eggs, but didn't have enough time to scavenge for old ties. Maybe next year!

I'm pretty happy with these results :)


Lindsay said...

Y'all gonna have an Easter egg hunt?

a tea leaf said...

Ooooo pretty! I've never done the tie-dye one before.

Sweet Pea said...

Oh my god, I love it!!! Love it!

gwengoods said...

Yours turned out better than ours they look fabulous!

Plantress said...

those eggs are cool!

jessie b said...

wow, your eggs turned out great!

btw, rachel, your blog is looking amazing! i usually read it from google reader so i hadnt seen the updates. love all the posts and your design is right on! you're really doing a great job

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