Tuesday, January 4, 2011

♥ Art Love

Introducing one of many new features on my blog! I will be featuring an artist I love every other week (formally called Artist of the Day). The first artist I want to feature is Portia Munson. She is a visual artist living in New York. I'm absolutely in awe of her "Pink Projects" installation.

The “Pink Projects” are an exploration of the color pink, a culturally loaded color that has been projected onto girls and women.

What a collection of pink!
Found via Design For Mankind.


Megan V said...

Wow, I love these installations! Especially the "pile of junk" all in pink. It's amazing looking!! Thanks for sharing.

kara rane said...

yea~ love this, & the work in person is xtra power pink 4 sure!
& super nice to feature artists!

Sweet Pea said...


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