Monday, January 31, 2011

January Photo Recap

I am terrible at taking photos. If I have a camera with me, I always forget to use it. I'm also pretty camera-shy so I never have any pictures of myself. My dad got me a new point-and-shoot digital camera for Christmas and I just bought a new lens for my Canon Rebel. So- since I'm now fully equipped with cameras, I thought it was time to get in the habit of taking more photos. I've been carrying my point-and-shoot in my purse with me wherever I go and will randomly snap a photo when I think of it.

With January coming to an end, I've found that I have a small collection of photos I've taken throughout the month. So to keep up with taking more photos, I decided to post a little photo montage at the end of every month. It's kinda nice seeing glimpses of what I did in January. I'm hoping that this project will improve my photography skills and force me to get in the habit of taking more photos.
You can view more photos on my Flickr.

Oh! Also- I will be adding some new items to my Etsy shop later today. See you then!


Unknown said...

Those first few photos remind me that we need another game night. Soon!

Sweet Pea said...


Whitney said...

love this new blog feature!

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