Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Handmade Heaven

I'm excited to start another new feature called Handmade Heaven. Twice a month I will feature some of my favorite handmade items from Etsy. I'd like to start by sharing my latest favorites from the Indie Free Spirit Etsy Team ♥
(the blue balloon)
(which goose)
(visual sentiment)
(it's a stitch)
(the nebulous kingdom)

(sadie deluxe)
(il gatto selvatico)
(larkin and larkin)


Melissa said...

wonderful finds from a great team! thanks so much for featuring my necklace from VisualSenitments :)

Hollie May said...

how sweet of you to feature the team ;) i kind of want everything!

Sadie Rose said...

i love this and i am so excited to be featured on your blog! (i'm a big fan). thanks so much for representing the team. xo

Sweet Pea said...

LOVE the ring! That's so... us!

Anne-Julie & TheNebulousKingdom said...

it's a very beautiful selection of items, and I'm thrilled to be included. Thank you very much Rachel!

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