Sunday, April 11, 2010

Artist of the Day: Kittenchops

Hey Everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Monday is here and I have quite a busy week ahead of me! It is for this reason that I am starting the week off with my "Artist of the Day" post. I am working two double-shifts in a row (Mon-Tues) so I won't have the time to do a post for Tuesday. So, I hope you enjoy Kittenchops, my artist of the day. And I'll have more inspiration for you on Wednesday. See you then!

Kittenchops, is the illustration and design work of Zaara of Seattle, WA. I first came across her work from the packaging she designed for Theo Chocolate. I love her illustration style and vibrant use of color.

Be sure to check out her website and blog.


Lindsay said...

two doubles? yikes!

...and now i want chocolate

Megan V said...

Wow this art is super unique! I love that technique of using photos as the color/texture for the different parts of the picture. Wowwww. :)

Also - I'm passing on a Beautiful Blogger Award to you! Check it out and accept if you wish! :)

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