Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Artist of the Day: Rima Staines

Rima Staines of The Hermitage is my featured artist today. I've been following her work and her blog for about a year now. She is an amazing story teller both with her words and her art. Each piece she creates has so much soul and history worked into it. I highly recommend checking our her blog where she records her traveling adventures. Her message of welcome when you arrive there sets the tone of the artist and her enchanting life:

Welcome Travellers... If you are weary, be cheered, for your road is nearing its end. Follow the sign to the Hermitage. A phantasmagoria of fancy, a museum of myth, realm of the ridiculous and online home of Rima Staines, illustrator, painter, maker of things and teller of tales...

Learn more about her: Shop, Blog

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