Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crafty Thursday: Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies

This week's craft is rather elementary, but still fun to make! Meet the Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies:

The white bunny on the left is one I made in elementary school (yes, my mom saves EVERYTHING). The one on the right I made last night. See how well my crafting skills have developed? Hahaha

Anyhoo.. I didn't make a step-by-step tutorial for these, since they seem pretty self-explanatory.

Here are the supplies you need:
Toilet Paper Roll or Paper Towel Roll
Construction Paper
Googley Eyes
Cotton Ball/Pom Pom

Very simple craft to make, just cover the cardboard tube with paper, add ears and a face, oh and don't forget the cottonball tail! We made these at Craft Club last night. Here were the night's results:

Someone suggested the idea of adding a top and bottom to the tube bunnies and filling them with candy. Such a cute easter gift idea, don't you think?


alisonml said...

I really like the bunny crowd... especially the aliean bunny and wonk-eyed bunny in the back.

The clown bunny ain't funny.

alisonml said...

(I have the clown fright.)

alisonml said...

wait- is that a PBR bunny hiding? I want a close up!

drunk bunny!

Anonymous said...

so fun! Everyones is to different, i love that!

and omg, Alison you are so funny!! :)

Lindsay said...

Why didn't we think of making a PBR bunny??

lol @ "the clown bunny ain't funny"

Sweet Pea said...

AWESOME I'm sooo jealous. I can't wait for awesome craft club this summer!

kanishk said...
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