Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Adventures & Vintage Finds

Happy Monday everyone! It seems so weird that March is here already. I thought I'd share with you what I was up to this past weekend.


I went to the I Heart Art Portland Meet 'n' Greet held at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in NW Portland. It was so much fun! Over 500 people showed up. There were food and drinks and even a few people from Etsy Headquarters were there. It was really great having the opportunity to mingle and talk with other Portland etsians and creatives. They also had little activity stations set up where you could make your own button and print your own gocco card. Fun fun!


I saw my favorite local band, Purple Rhinestone Eagle, play at The Know bar on NE Alberta. They are so amazing to see perform. I can't wait for their next album to come out. They start recording this spring!


My mom and I did some quick thrifty shopping. We stopped at 3 of our favorite thrift/antique stores: Atomic Ashes, Rerun and another thrift store I unfortunately don't remember the name of (it's located on the corner of NE Killingsworth and Williams). I ended up falling in love with the color orange and daringly bought these bright orange leather shoes, a cute daisy mug, and a little vintage framed mushroom art ♥


Hannah said...

Omg I can't believe it is already March!

That color orange is nice! :)

Plantress said...

you are so lucky to:
1. be able to go to the meet and greet
2. Have cool thrift shops nearby

btw I just uploaded a new 3 column blog template like yours but it cutting off the right you perhaps know how to fix this? just thought I'd ask.

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